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In 1998, Dr Frank Condino from IUP approached Terry Dougherty about the lack of involvement of the schools in Pennsylvania and how he saw more and more young professionals and students leaving Pennsylvania for other areas. They looked into what some of the other states were doing to promote unity in their state and to encourage involvement.  It was then that Frank proposed that the state of Pennsylvania join together to form PIRSA- Pennsylvania Intramural and Recreational Sports Association. 

The reasoning behind PIRSA was to allow the smaller institutions as well as the larger schools to have a voice as to what goes on in our state as it pertains to NIRSA to offer a venue for young professionals and students to present and hear presentations that would be of value to promote and enhance the quality of recreational sports programs throughout the state by means of professional meetings, dissemination of ideas and maintenance of policies consistent with the philosophy of NIRSA.  More importantly it would provide the ability to network within the state. 

 The By-Laws and Constitution were created and sent out to all of the NIRSA members in Pennsylvania and the paperwork from NIRSA was completed to make us an official State Association. 

 During the process, a well-known, long-time Pennsylvania Director of Recreation passed away; Bill Swan from Penn State University Park died at the age of 59 after having worked there for close to 35 years. PIRSA announced a Bill Swan Award for dedication to be given to a Student from Pennsylvania each year.  This award is sponsored by PIRSA, Alan from Sayings for You and Penn State University which maintains a perpetual plaque on campus.

In the Fall of 2008 the PIRSA Extramural Tournaments were created in Flag Football and Basketball. In the Fall of 2010 Volleyball will be added to the mix. The PIRSA Championship are designed to be a cost-effective extramural tournaments for the host and the participants.

About Us
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PIRSA is the resource for professional and student development, education and networking within Campus Recreation